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Early in my career, living and working in downtown Detroit, inspired my deconstructivist methods for creating art. The Cass Corridor art community of the 1970s, of which I was a part of, used found objects and other non-traditional materials, tearing things apart and reconstructing them. These are processes that reflected the reality of this city during this time, and still does today. This period had a profound influence on my approach to making art.

I began to investigate the influence of my surroundings on my daily life, and my work intends to communicate this relationship. I spend a lot of time drifting between reality and abstraction — in my life, and in my work — looking for ‘missing links’ or symbols to explain my experience. For instance, in my welded steel sculptures, positive silhouetted forms often represent humanity; negative cuts can represent architecture, environmental space and its baggage. Welded steel works well for this, it takes me physically and spatially into symbolic metaphor — different forms connect creating different stories. There’s also a specific kind of permanency that comes with the way welded steel withstands the elements, giving extended life to the work.

I work in many different mediums, and these mediums are all intertwined. People call me a sculptor because I can weld metal, but many of my ideas for sculpture come from paintings and drawings. I think I am an artist first, who paints and draws and makes sculpture.

4 comments on “About

  1. I love the website Bob!
    It really brings everything together nicely.
    I really enjoy how you have described your work. It really helps sum up the Cass Corridor movement well.
    Keep up the good work!


  2. love these pieces, familiar w/some, others seem new. however, have tried to contact you over the past year with no response. curious how you are doing. also, carole and I are planning another journey to detroit sometime in november and would love to hook up. hoping this note finds you in good health and productive as always…please, call when you can..with love, patti 917 703 9086 or 914 478 5870

  3. Greetings from NY. Need to speak Asap but list ur fine number–prefer to email n haven’t been on Facebook for years…hope this note finds u n urs well n hanging in. Looking forward to connecting, re: business n personal, till later, patti

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